Every now and then, I come across a hero I'd never heard of that strikes me as being a bit interesting or some notable villains or characters that really don't currently fit the scope of my other pages. I decided I'd make a temporary home here for them until such time I have a more permanent place for them, such as a page devoted exclusively to the Quality characters.

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Unknown Sources

The Hawk: Anthony Durrant tells us: The Hawk was a slender villain who dressed up as a hawk and carried a trained hawk that he would use to bring down various circus acrobats, which he kept concealed under his cape. Unfortunately for him, his last target was the circus run by the Announcer, and in the process of trying to stop a set of quadruplets from performing their trapeze act, he was killed by the lion after he ran into his cage to retrieve his pet hawk, which had flown into the lion's cage. His real name was Ravonno and he was a former circus magician which explained his ability to disappear and to switch himself for his trained hawk, making it look like he changed shape. NOTE: Sadly Mr. Durrant didn't provide me with any publishing info, so not sure where the proper place is for this entry.

Pretty Face: Anthony Durrant tells us: Pretty Face was a ruthless killer who left his trademark - a card with a picture of a heart pierced with an arrow on it - at the scenes of his murders. He mistakenly kidnapped Ethan Hunt, Special Police Operative 13, on the assumption that he was Tom, a fellow police officer and the fiance of a girl named Rosie. His plan was to burn down his hideout with both Tom and Rosie in it, killing them both. Unfortunately for him, Rosie dashed water in his face, and Hunt pulled off Pretty Face's handsome face to reveal his real one - Pretty Face's real face was hairless, with big wild eyes and frizzy hair, the result of a warehouse fire. Just as Pretty Face was about to shoot Hunt, Tom burst in and shot him.