To what I hope is the beginning of a great fan-fiction site dedicated to the characters of the past. This site is obviously a companion piece to my villains page. Mainly because it was my research for stories that led me to compile the villain encyclopedia as well as my own reams of pages on the various heroes as well.

What I need are WRITERS! Right now, this is just my own scribblings. If you have a love for the golden-age and fancy yourself a decent writer, contact me. If you've written fan-fic before send me a link to some of your writing, as well as what it is you'd like to write.

There have been other sites that attempted this but with a major difference. In their desire to be all inclusive, their stories completely altered characters' histories. It is my goal to not knowingly contradict any story without a good reason; that the golden-age comics are comic versions of the actual events.

The goal of this site is fairly simple. Like my Villains pages, this site is dedicated to characters of the "lesser" companies and characters. Nothing from the companies making up the present day DC/Marvel/Archie. If you want to read fan-fic based on their golden-age characters, a little research will take you there.

Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to me: Cash_Gorman@yahoo.com


NEW ISSUE RACK 03/23/03:Kitty Kelly: Yankee Girl

Moved Fighting Yank and Catman under the Liberty Company banner


Buddy, the Boy Hero: Memoirs by Bradley Cobb

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