Fighting Yank

Fighting Yank: 1941, Startling Comics #10 (Better Publications). Bruce Carter III discovers that he is an exact double of his ancestor, Bruce Carter I, a Revolutionary War hero. Better still, the ghost of Bruce Carter I appears to Bruce III and tells him that he must carry on the tradition of fighting for liberty. The ghost then tells him where he can find an ancient cloak which will help this fight. III does, then makes a costume and becomes the German- and crime-busting Fighting Yank. He is helped by his girlfriend Joan, and is often spoken to and occasionally rescued by the ghost of I. III has no superpowers himself but is good in a fight and wears his cloak, which gives him super strength and invulnerability.

Much of his run, Alex Schomberg made sure he and most of the Better heroes looked "Better" on the covers than the insides.

In later issues, well rendered by Jerry Robinson (Batman) and Mort Meskin (the Vigilante, Johnny Quick), he was a lot less super looking and acting though he was still visited by his ghostly ancestor.

In 1954, he and many of the champions and villains of the forties were brought to the modern age where he now has to put his life together and search for relevancy.

Fighting Yank 1: The Scarred Brotherhood

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